Connectors Take A Gobble Out Of Servo/Spindle Motor Install Times

Designed to perform reliably under demanding conditions for diverse motor types, TE’s heavy duty connectors offer IP69K rated protection and can endure 1,000 hours of salt spray resistance. These heavy duty connectors are built on a modular design to offer power, signal, and data transmission in a single compact unit. A one-piece connector frame allows for easy assembly of the modular inserts, and a docking frame that allows for blind mating provides more savings in installation time and costs. The result is reduced installation times, improved reliability, and lower costs in installation and operation.


Servo motors are increasingly being chosen for their high efficiency, especially in material handling systems and inside machinery. Meanwhile, advances in machine tooling requiring high precision and reliability are leading to spindle motors being put at the heart of modern production systems, delivering high quality end products. More details about these heavy-duty connectors is available on the product page.


TE Connectivity

Menlo Park, CA



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