Connected Electric Bikes Are A Gridlock Laxative

As each year passes, roads become more congested with the increasing number of vehicles, exacerbated by the number of vehicle collisions caused by humans doing any number of incredibly dumb things while driving, i.e., talking on the phone, texting, eating, drinking, imbibing, etc. And it also appears there’s no such thing as off hours or rush hour, the roads are jammed 24/7. So what’s the solution? 200-series e-Bikes, of course!


Silicon Valley-based GenZe has a solution for people in gridlocked cities who want the freedom of personal transportation without the wasted time, costs, and/or environmental impact of driving a car. The 200-Series e-Bike is the latest development in GenZe’s commitment to revolutionizing personal transportation.

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The lightweight, smart, connected electric bicycle models with integrated battery and LCD display provide a range of features not typically found on any two-wheel vehicle, particularly a traditional bicycle. They feature the ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to a GenZe companion smartphone app. This allows riders to measure their physical effort level while pedaling, map distances covered, plan riding routes and even connect with other users to track and gamify performance.


The GenZe app receives real-time data from a system of vehicle sensors throughout the e-Bike, enabling the connected functions. An integrated LCD display in the bike’s frame shows trip data, riding mode, and other info, An integrated phone mount and USB charger are provided for further convenience.


In most US cities, e-Bikes can go anywhere a conventional bicycle can go, including shared lanes, cycling paths, and other dedicated bikeways. The e-Bikes can also be taken on public transportation.


GenZe 200-series e-Bikes uniquely offer three riding modes: Throttle (no pedaling); Pedal Assist (boosted pedaling); and Pedal (without power). They feature an easily-removable battery that can be plugged into any standard outlet for a quick recharge in 3.5 hours. A 350W motor provides 30 to 50 assisted miles at speeds up to 20 mph on a single charge. The GenZe 201 has a high-bar sport design while the GenZe 202 has a step-through frame. Both models are available in two lightweight aluminum frame sizes that are fully adjustable to suit a multitude of riders and rider preferences.


At just a little less than the price of a really keen Gibson guitar (more than a really nice Fender), the 200-series e-Bikes retail for $1,899. For more information, a highly informative and really keen video is available for your perusal pleasure.


For more info including product details and retail locations, visit GenZe.

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