Configurable PMIC Governs Li-Ion Battery-Powered Devices

Configurable PMIC Governs Li-Ion Battery-Powered Devices
ams AG

Suitable for use in action cameras and portable navigation devices, the AS3715 configurable power management IC (PMIC) integrates all essential power-management building blocks to provide a power solution for handheld devices powered by lithium-ion batteries. Programmability of start-up sequence and integrated dc/dc converters accommodate changes in end-product specifications at any time without re-spinning the board design. Power regulation blocks include three 4-MHz dc/dc step-down (buck) converters with programmable outputs, one dc/dc step-down controller, two dc/dc step-up (boost) converters with programmable outputs, and eight LDOs. The device also offers eight GPIOs, a charger circuit supporting a 1.5A output, an I2C interface, three current sinks, an ADC, and a watchdog timer. The AS3715 comes in a 3.7mm x 3.7mm WL-CSP 91 and is sampling now. Pricing is $3.68each/1,000. For more details, visit

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