Conductivity/Salinity Logger from Onset

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Onset Computer Corp.

The HOBO U24-002 from Onset Computer Corp., Pocasset, MA, is a conductivity/salinity data logger for measuring salinity, conductivity, and temperature in saltwater environments. The logger measures actual conductivity from 5000–65,000 µS/cm (high range) and 100–10,000 µS/cm (low range) with 3% of reading or 50 µS/cm accuracy and 2 µS/cm resolution; temperature from 0°C–50°C with 0.1°C accuracy and 0.01°C resolution; specific conductance at 25°C (calculated); and salinity (calculated using the PSS-78 Practical Salinity Scale 1978). Response time is 1 s to 90% of change in water. The logger has memory for 18,500 temperature and conductivity measurements using 1 conductivity range and 14,400 sets of measurements using both conductivity ranges, can be used to a max. depth of 70 m, and has a 3 yr. battery life.

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Company: Onset Computer Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-764-4377
Fax: 508-759-9100

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