Conductive Inks And Coatings Enhance Displays

Conductive Inks And Coatings Enhance Displays
Creative Materials Inc.

Finding gainful employment on touchscreens and other displays, the 126-29 series electrically conductive inks and coatings come in several primary colors. They are also viable for use in EMI-RFI shielding, medical devices, and wearable electronics, where the functionality of an electrical conductor is required and the appearance of graphics arts is desired. Colored conductive inks feature good color stability and minimal opportunity for surface transfer of conductive particles when compared to conventional conductive inks. The 126-29 series of products are designed for application by screen-printing, dipping and syringe dispensing. The product line exhibits reliable adhesion to Kapton, Mylar, glass and a variety of other substrates. The 126-29 series is available in red, blue, or yellow, and offer maximum sheet resistivity of 5 Ω/sq./mil. Options include customized blends or versions designed for unique applications. For more info, go to  

Creative Materials Inc.
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