Compound Keeps Cables Flowing

(epoxies etc.)

Many encapsulants and potting compounds are used in cable assemblies and connectors where the product needs to flow into and around tight spaces but must not leak out of the mold. 20-2162 has been developed with a unique blend of properties that, in addition to providing outstanding protection, gives the user the flow control necessary for demanding applications. The 20-2162 is low enough in viscosity to fill a populated area with a void free, high performance urethane, yet it will gel in minutes to prevent leaking into unwanted areas. The cured urethane has a Shore A durometer of 60A and an elongation of 200%.


Conveniently packaged in TriggerBond cartridges, 20-2162 provides protection from dust, moisture, humidity and outdoor conditions. It is said to exhibit excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. For more details, checkout the 20-2162 datasheet, visit Epoxies Etc, call 401-946-5564, or email [email protected].