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It's been two weeks since Sensor Expo 2015 invaded Long Beach California and the stardust and accolades have not yet settled. As we revel in the afterglow of the greatest sensors show to date, it seemed like good idea to nail down one of the many noted exhibitors at the expo and get some feedback. So we enlisted Deryl Kimbro, Senior Business Development Manager, Murata Electronics North America to answer a few questions about his experiences. Here are his insights, verbatim.

Sensors Magazine (SM): In addition to exhibiting new products and generating leads, what did to expect to see and/or accomplish at Sensors Expo 2015?
Deryl Kimbro (DK): The primary target for participating in Sensor Expo 2015 was to exhibit our new products and ultimately generate leads for these products. In addition, we want to increase our exposure as being a MEMS sensor supplier. Many see Murata Electronics as a passive supplier due to our long history and market position for capacitors, inductors, EMI filters etc. We would like to increase our name recognition and be seen as high performance MEMS supplier as well.

SM: Were your expectations met and/or goals achieved?
DK: Absolutely I think so. I think winning the Best of Sensor Expo "Bronze" has definitely made a name for Murata in the MEMS technology segment.

SM: Was there a central theme or market trend at Sensors Expo 2015 that stood out above the rest and, if so, was the coverage adequate?
DK: My perception is there are many companies trying to tap into the market of the increasing aging populations. There seems to be a big market for companies that are utilizing sensor technology for measuring wellness of elderly care patients…particularly remote monitoring. Allowing information about elderly person vital signs, exercise, sleep patterns to be shared with doctors, parents, etc., not only while at the hospital but during their daily lives at home.

SM: Did you attend any of the educational sessions either before or during the show? If so, were they good, bad or otherwise?
DK: Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the educational sessions, however I heard from my colleagues that did attend that the sessions were very informative.

SM: Were you at Sensors Expo 2014 in Rosemont, IL?
DK: Yes, however not as an exhibitor.

SM: If yes, how did Expo 2015's location in Long Beach, CA compare in terms of size, ease of attendance, ease of access, any and all other points you feel significant?
DK: I feel the Long Beach, CA location had better attendance versus Rosemont, IL. I would attribute this to the many technology companies residing on the West Coast and the Long Beach location provided easier access for these customers. I anticipate Sensor Expos 2016 in San Jose will have even better attendance, quantity and quality wise.

SM: Did you attend the opening reception and/or the engineering awards ceremony?
DK: Yes, the Best of Sensors Awards and the networking sessions.

SM: Were these valuable events?
DK: I think the Best of Sensors Awards were valuable as it provided insight to the most innovative products and applications presented at the show. Very interesting to see the progression of sensor technologies and how the products are designed to meet demands in the healthcare (wearables), automotive, and industrial markets.

SM: Now the most important question, will you be attending and exhibiting at Sensors Expo 2016?
DK: Yes.

Okay, so that was one company's reflection on Sensors Expo 2015. Let me extend an open invitation to any other companies and individual attendees to answer those same questions and we'll post them here. Of course, if you are still recovering from all the excitement at the show, just take your time. After all, it is an open invitation.

About the Author
Mat Dirjish is Executive Editor of Sensors magazine. He can be reached at [email protected].

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