Compact Sensor Monitors Earth Moves

Trimble’s portable REF TEK Colt broadband seismometer sensor provides data for scientists and academics using seismic networks to conduct earth movement studies. Working in combination with a Trimble or third-party seismic data recorder, the REF TEK Colt sensor enables scientific and academic researchers to study local, regional and global seismicity to learn more about the physics of earthquakes and to gain a deeper understanding of plate tectonics. The Colt can be used in Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) applications as well as in monitoring and cataloging earthquake activity.


The small, lightweight, vault quality Colt sensor weighs 12 pounds and can be carried in one hand or in a backpack. During transit, a shock resistant housing and robust automatic mass locking system protects the internal components.


The sensor also provides unique alignment tools for quick field setup. Successful setups depend on precise directional alignment; the REF TEK Colt makes that easy with north/south pointers installed in the base of the unit to make orientation to the scribe line effortless. To learn more, checkout the REF TEK Colt page.

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