Compact NIR/SWIR Cameras from Sensors Unlimited

Compact NIR/SWIR Cameras from Sensors Unlimited
Sensors Unlimited Inc.

Sensors Unlimited Inc., Princeton, NJ, offers the KT family of NIR/SWIR cameras for unmanned aerial and ground vehicle applications. The cameras feature night vision and laser detection capability that images from the NIR to the SWIR (0.7–1.7 µm). The cameras are available in small, lightweight, high-sensitivity packages with 320 by 256 pixel or 640 by 512 pixel resolution. The InGaAs-based technology detects light and so provides exceptional clarity in both day and night conditions. Applications include night vision and laser detection systems on unmanned vehicles, rifle scopes, precision-guided munitions, and hostile fire indicators.

Contact Info

Company: Sensors Unlimited Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 609-520-0610
Fax: 609-520-0638

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