Compact Interface Relays Reduce Board Real Estate

Compact Interface Relays Reduce Board Real Estate
IDEC Corp.

Measuring 14-mm wide, the RV8H compact relay family provides up to a 40% reduction in required DIN rail track space as compared to standard ice-cube relays. Reportedly, they feature the industry’s lowest height requirement as they measure 70-mm high. The relays work well in higher load switching applications, industrial automation panels with high I/O content, and commercial HVAC panels. In these and other applications, an RV8H relay is typically installed between an output from a PLC or other controller and the load to increase switching capacity and protect the output from damage. The relay family includes SPDT and DPDT models, and the DPDT models are supplied with gold-plated contacts. SPDT models are rated up to 16A and DPDT models are rated up to 8A. All versions are available with an ac or dc input with input voltages from 5 Vdc to 240 Vac. For more details, go to

IDEC Corp.
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