Compact Headerless Pressure Sensor Takes On Harsh Duties

Compact Headerless Pressure Sensor Takes On Harsh Duties
TE Connectivity

Groomed for harsh environments, the backside compensated, headerless 86BC pressure sensor
features a 16-mm diameter package, making it a compact device suitable for O-ring mounting or applications where compatibility with corrosive media is required. Applications include medical instruments, process control and pressure transmitters, as well as measurement in fresh water, wastewater and for partial vacuum gas. A ceramic substrate attached to the package includes laser-trimmed resistors, which provide temperature compensation and offset correction. An additional laser-trimmed resistor can be used to adjust an external differential amplifier and provide span interchangeability to within plus or minus one percent.
The new sensor features a wide compensated temperature range of -20ºC to +85 ºC and an extended operating temperature of -40ºC to +105 ºC. It is available in both gauge and absolute with standard pressure ranges from 0 to15 psi to 0- to 00 psig and from 0 to1 bar to 0 to 28 bar, respectively. Typical span is 100 mV, with a minimum of 75 mV and a maximum of 150 mV and a plus or minus one percent interchangeable span when the gain set resistor is used to adjust an external differential amplifier. To learn more visit

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