Compact Hall Sensor Integrates Capacitors And Is EMC Proof

Compact Hall Sensor Integrates Capacitors And Is EMC Proof

Heralded as the smallest integrated capacitor EMC-proof linear Hall sensor, the programmable HAC 830 Hall-effect sensor is designed to pass the stringent automotive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. Promising to be a reliable and cost-effective solution for applications where the sensor is welded onto a connector, the device integrates decoupling capacitors into a three-pin TO92UP package. It relies on the company’s CMOS technology and handles junction temperatures of up to +170°C. Thanks to the two 100 nF integrated capacitors, the sensor achieves an ESD level up to 8 kV and meets all EMC requirements such as bulk current injection (BCI). Additionally, the HAC 830 is rated class A for radiated immunity BCI tests up to 300 mA according to ISO 11452-4 (open loop) and PSA B21-7110-C (closed loop) standards. A datasheet is available at

Micronas GmbH
Hermosa, SD
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