Compact DP Flowmeters from ABB Measurement Products

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ABB Measurement Products

ABB Measurement Products, Warminster, PA, offers four compact DP flowmeters that use orifice, Wedge, averaging pitot, and integral orifice technologies. Each of the devices is a one-piece flowmeter that incorporates the primary element, 3- or 5-valve instrument manifold, and transmitter. The FPD500 OriMaster has been extended to cover pipe sizes from 15–300 mm. The FPD550 PitoMaster uses a Torbar averaging pitot tube. The FPD570 Wedgemaster is an updated Wedge flowmeter for pipelines from 25–150 mm. The FPD510 IOMaster is for low flowrates in small pipelines and is offered for 15, 25, or 40 mm sizes. Options include data communication over a wireless network, the ability to configure the meters through the glass, and plugged impulse line diagnostics.

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Company: ABB Measurement Products
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-829-6001

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