Compact Cylindrical Supercaps Power IoT Devices

Compact Cylindrical Supercaps Power IoT Devices

CAP-XX combines its cylindrical supercapacitors with its existing thin prismatics that address ultra-space-constrained designs, making for a wide range of small supercapacitors to power IoT industrial and consumer devices, from energy harvesting for wireless sensors to peak power support for wireless transmissions. The smallest 1F supercapacitor is 12-mm long and comes in two diameters: 6.3 mm (400 mΩ) and 8 mm (180 mΩ). The largest 400F supercapacitor is 68-mm long and 35 mm in diameter (3 mΩ). Temperature range is from -40°C to +65°C. Assembly is by soldering or welding (ultrasonic, laser or spot), via radial lead, solder pin or tab. Details for all configurations are available at

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