Compact Commutation Encoder from Renco

Compact Commutation Encoder from Renco
Renco Encoders Inc.

Renco Encoders Inc., Goleta, CA, offers a 3.3 V feature for its RCML15 compact optical encoder designed to provide signals for brushless motor commutation and incremental position feedback. The low-profile device uses a custom LED and CMOS sensor arrangement, has frequency response to 500 kHz, is available in resolutions up to 4096 counts/rev., and provides commutation for 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-pole brushless motors. Other features include a slide/gap mechanism for ease of installation and ±20° rotation of the encoder to align commutation signals with motor poles.

Contact Info

Company: Renco Encoders Inc.
Phone number: 805-968-1525
Fax: 805-685-7965

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