Compact Accelerometers from Wilcoxon Research

Compact Accelerometers from Wilcoxon Research
Wilcoxon Research

Wilcoxon Research, Germantown, MD, offers the 780B and 780C compact industrial accelerometers to join its 780A general-purpose device. The family of narrow, low-profile, lightweight sensors are suited for walk-around collection of vibration monitoring data. Features include 100 mV/g sensitivity with sensitivity tolerances of 5% (780A), 10% (780B), or 15% (780C); 80 g acceleration range; 3 dB frequency response from 0.4 Hz to 14 kHz; and a standard 2-pin MIL-C-5015 connector. Sensors are rugged, encased in 316L SS, hermetically sealed, ESD protected, and EMI/RFI shielded.

Contact Info

Company: Wilcoxon Research
Phone number: 800-945-2696
Fax: 301-330-8873

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