Come To Sensors Expo 2014, Relax, And Get Away From It All

Attend a major trade show to relax? Get away from it all, like a real vacation? You must be mad! Tradeshows are work and especially hard work for those toiling in the technological coal mines. Surely you have lost your senses.

Okay, let’s look at this a different way. When the graphic artist feels drained and uninspired, he or she puts down the paints, brushes, or other tools of their craft. The composer steps away from the piano when the ear is empty. The sculptor washes clay from his hands when shape and form become mundane. The architect needs a hiatus when structural creations collapse (hopefully in simulation on a computer screen). And the pharmaceutical nutritionist may need to both smell and taste the coffee in some remote location before creating the next super weight-loss pill.

In each case, it’s not long before each gets their mojo back. The artist took a day off from his easel to walk around and found enough visual stimulation around him to inspire what could be the next Sistine Chapel or Mona Lisa. The composer found herself awash in a palette of common and unique sounds on a bus ride that she found herself with enough material for her next three commissions. The sculptor caught a glimpse of some exquisite models in nature, snapped them with his iPhone, and rushed back to work. Our architect, inspired by a trip to the movies, revamped his latest structure so it is safely standing on more than faith. The pharmaceutical nutritionist drank a cup of decaff with friends, had good night’s sleep, and now has more than a few late-night infomercials selling her latest concoction.

Bottom line, all creative people, be they musicians, artists, artisans, and, yes, electronics engineers, EEOEMs, project managers, and sales people, all need some time away from their craft to perfect their craft. However, as seen in all these examples, you can step away from your craft, but you can never really escape from it, nor would you want to.

So it would just be pure common logic for electronics designers and engineers, EEOEMs, managers, salespeople, and anyone involved in the design and manufacture of products that rely on sensors to step away from their craft and escape to it by attending Sensors Expo 2014, the largest expo and conference in North America dedicated completely to the sensor market.

Obviously, as seasoned professionals, you know what to expect from tradeshows. You’ve been to more than you can recall, right? Well, when you come to Sensors Expo 2014, leave your expectations behind. Bring open eyes, ears, and minds and you will get far more than you could ever expect. For example:

  • Hundreds of innovative sensors and related products across more than 20 product categories on demo.
  • Technical expertise focusing on real-world sensor applications in every market including military, aerospace, medical, consumer, fitness, fun stuff and games, wearable devices, Internet connected sensors, automotive safety, and a list far too long for this page.
  • Demos of state-of-the-art sensor technology in action and what emerging products technologies will be able to do in the not-so-far future.

That alone should be enough to inspire your escape to the longest running event in the sensor technology industry; 28 years running with a proven track record. Including all of the exhibits, demos, and expert speakers, you will have the added benefit of rubbing elbows and exchanging ideas and insights with your peers, current and future colleagues, and, probably the most valuable, your competitors.

Speaking of competition, the best of the best in sensors and sensor technologies will be honored with this year’s innovation awards. You can get a jumpstart on this right now by nominating products and companies you believe have achieved sensor stardom via valuable contributions to the market. Make your voice heard at

And you should also REGISTER for the event, check out the PRE-CONFERENCE SYMPOSIA and CONFERENCE SCHEDULE, see who will be there on the EXHIBITOR LIST, and check out all the SPECIAL FEATURES.

With all of these opportunities, including two insightful keynotes, three pre-conference symposia, and more than 65 conference and live theater sessions, there is only one way you could not benefit, and that’s by staying home when you really want to escape to your craft, which awaits you at Sensors Expo 2014 – Rosemont, IL – June 24 to 26


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