Combination Inertial Sensors from SensorDynamics

Combination Inertial Sensors from SensorDynamics

SensorDynamics, Graz-Lebring, Austria, offers the SD777 and SD788 combisensors that provide single-axis angular rate and 3-axis acceleration measurement, including concurrent fail-safe status information. The SD777 offers an in-plane gyro while the SD788 offers an out-of-plane gyro; both sensors feature shock resistance to 2000 g and vibration robustness. Sensors are temperature compensated over a –40°C to 125°C range, have 2°/s (gyro) and 90 mg (accelerometers) max. offset error over temperature, and max. current consumption is 15 mA. Sensors are suited for vehicle dynamics control and roll-over and other safety critical applications.

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Company: SensorDynamics
Phone number: +49 89-5484-2220

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