Greenville, SC –Hubbell Lighting introduces an energy-efficient LED lighting solution built specifically for parking garage applications—the LXEP.

Featuring an extra wide-angle light distribution to illuminate parking bays, the LXEP reduces the number of fixtures required for garages while providing uniform light. Available in three linear lengths (2’, 4’, or 8’), the luminaire is offered in lumen packages ranging from 3,950 to 19,700 lumens. The 2’ has a nominal lumen range of 3950-4900; the 4’ option is available in 3700-9850; and the 8’ LXEP delivers 7400-19700 lumens.

With light per fixture energy savings of up to 65% over fluorescent or HID sources, customers gain a quick return on investment. Additionally, the LXEP’s rated life is 60,000 hours (100,000 projected)—twice that of fluorescent and up to six times that of HID. This reduces maintenance and time needed to keep a parking garage safely lit. The LXEP is also available with exclusive wiHUBB® technology preinstalled for even greater control and savings.

The LXEP is an instant-on light source with an optional battery back up and is compatible with a sensor to turn off or reduce light based on occupancy or available daylight. The luminaire also features 100% DR equivalent lenses for demanding locations and has a smooth housing for easy cleaning.

All three sizes of the LXEP come standard with IP65, IP66 and IP67 rating, F1 Weatherability UV resistance, Wet Label Spray and 1500 PSI Hose-Down certifications. The LXEP meets the rigorous requirements for DLC, and is currently DLC pending.

Columbia Lighting stands behind the high quality and reliability of its new LXEP offering a five-year warranty. To learn more, visit

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