Color Sensor with RGB Output from EMX

Color Sensor with RGB Output from EMX
EMX Industries Inc.
The ColorMax-1000 RGB from EMX Industries Inc., Cleveland, OH, outputs raw RGB readings as analog signals representing the intensity of each color component and has 4 discrete outputs. The sensor has individually programmable tolerances, adjustable on a channel-by-channel basis, for each component that makes up a specific color. The discrete signals indicate a math/no match condition for up to 4 colors programmed into memory. Other features include 30–100 mm detection range, 50 mm recommended operating distance, color variation reduced to 0.5%, a 5 kHz sample speed, and the ability to be programmed via PC.

Contact Info

Company: EMX Industries Inc.
Phone number: 800-426-9912
Fax: 216-518-9884

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