Collaborators Hope To Make Lifestyle Changes That Count

Activate Interactive Pte Ltd will partner with Firstbeat Technologies Ltd. to become Singapore's provider of the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment -- a 24/7 monitoring tool for health and wellness checks. Firstbeat uses heart function and heart rate variability (HRV) measurement to help individuals and companies alike in identifying the steps towards a healthier, fitter and more productive lifestyle. Activate intends to setup a Firstbeat Centre in Singapore providing logistic and operational support, and Singapore will become the launch pad to bring Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to other parts of Asia.


Prolonged periods of stress without the chance for bodily recovery may result in reduced productivity, health issues and general exhaustion. The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment seeks to highlight areas of insufficient recovery measures, offering preventative solutions before a situation becomes detrimental to an individual or company. Once the connection between lifestyle and well-being is established, these data are then used across work, leisure, and even sleep to craft a comprehensive picture of an individual's health and performance. Such awareness allows preventive measures against stress, while building the best resources of any organization: their people. 

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The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment uses the Bodyguard 2, a professional grade mini EGC device that captures heart rate variability data to analyze how the body interacts and responds to daily activities and environmental factors. From there, a personalized stress-recovery profile is drawn up to reveal how specific daily lifestyle choices impact your performance and state of well-being. Professional feedback is then shared to make practical lifestyle tweaks such as identifying recovery methods to feel more energised, ways of improving sleep quality, and finding the right type and amount of physical exercise to increase the functional quality of life. 


Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is available via Activate and Activate appointed health and wellness professionals and service providers. For more info, visit


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