Collaborators Hit The Gas On Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Edge Case Research (ECR) is collaborating with Kaarta to revamp autonomous vehicle road testing. ECR has kicked off an initiative to map Pittsburgh’s streets using Kaarta 3D mapping and localization technology. ECR will use these maps to pilot its Hologram platform, a tool that maximizes the value of every mile driven by transforming each recorded scenario into a million realistic potential scenarios to test. Hologram intelligently and quickly identifies issues, enabling manufacturers to significantly improve testing and time to market for safe autonomous vehicles.


Hologram consumes data recorded during field testing. From this real-world data, Hologram generates countless potential edge-case scenarios by adjusting a multitude of variables such as lighting, weather effects, the location of cars and pedestrians amongst others. By combining these factors, Hologram automatically produces and tests limitless realistic scenarios to validate the safety of autonomous perception systems.

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Using Kaarta technology to collect data from downtown Pittsburgh, Hologram has identified cases in which leading pedestrian-detection algorithms lose track of people crossing the street. The City of Pittsburgh’s unique and challenging urban environment is the only urban location designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation as an automated vehicle proving ground, making it the best location for piloting Hologram. More info is available from Edge Case Research and Kaarta.


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