Collaborators Double Down On AI & IoT

Inuitive Ltd. and SoftBank Corp. have agreed to collaborate on the development of artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL) and advanced 3D sensing with computer vision capabilities for future IoT applications. This collaboration will draw from the expertise of both companies in AI by leveraging Inuitive's existing and future vision processors and its AI framework with SoftBank's IoT platforms, which offer advanced heterogeneous processing capabilities for embedded products. The companies expect the collaboration to drive the popularity and development of smart IoT devices and systems.


IoT devices are becoming more intelligent with the proliferation of AI. Implementing AI on the device enables human-like interaction while keeping the price low. Additional benefits of on-chip AI include real-time performance, privacy protection and longer operation time.


Currently, SoftBank is focused on optimizing the high-end platforms to accelerate AI products use cases in the areas of computer vision and neural networks and is researching broader executions in the areas of Objects recognition, Scene reconstruction, SLAM and power management. Inuitive is a leading company in vision processing and its applications. It plays an important role in deep learning algorithm innovation. The company's leading technology in deep learning makes it possible to innovate and develop a variety of algorithms with low cost and fast response time. Inuitive has also made breakthroughs in sensing technologies. Its strategic collaboration with SoftBank is expected to drastically improve the speed and efficiency of combining system with chipset, making Inuitive's AI technology more pervasive.


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