CogniVue and NeoLAB Convergence Announce N2 Smart Pen using CogniVue APEX Image Cognition Processor Technology

CogniVue Corporation announces its latest collaboration withNeoLAB Convergence to create a breakthrough in combining the digital and analog writing experience: the Neo smartpen N2. The N2 achieves its industry-leading performance and extraordinary battery-life by integrating CogniVue's Image Cognition Processor, the CV2201, featuring 1st generation APEX core. CogniVue's APEX ICP technology achieves >100x the performance per power versus conventional processing cores.

"NeoLAB Convergence recognized immediately that CogniVue APEX Image Cognition Processing technology could re-define what was possible with our smartpen products," saidEddy Lee, CTO at NeoLAB Convergence. "The N2 is the culmination of our ongoing collaboration with CogniVue, and with their technology we have achieved leadership in performance and ensuring the highest possible user experience."

With 256 steps of pressure sensing and 120 frames per second performance, the N2 captures all the nuances of writing, drawing and note-taking. The N2 automatically turns on when writing and turns off automatically when finished. With its impressive memory storage, the N2 saves information from writing and note-taking and then synchronizes with a tablet or smartphone when convenient for the user. Never has so much technology and convenience been integrated into such a sleek stylish design for a smart pen.

"CogniVue is excited to be part of such an innovative new product as the N2," saidSimon Morris, CEO, CogniVue Corporation. "These are the kinds of new product possibilities we envisioned enabling with our Image Cognition Processing technology and our APEX development tools and NeoLAB Convergence has done a great job in taking full advantage of the APEX potential."

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