Cognitive Systems’ Aura Delivers Full Home Security Coverage with No Cameras

LAS VEGAS --- Cognitive Systems Corp. launches Aura, a thoughtful security system for the home that uses patented spectrum analytics technology to detect and monitor motion, without using cameras. Aura is a home security system that uses technology patented by Cognitive Systems to monitor the disruption of wireless signals caused by movement in the home, without the use of cameras. Household members are notified on their smartphones of unauthorized motion that occurs anywhere in the home.

With the simple two-piece system, Aura provides full coverage for the average home, even in rooms where people are typically unwilling to place cameras. Aura can also recognize the presence of known members, show motion patterns in the home, provide a timeline of activity, deliver tailored notifications to homeowners’ smartphones, and interact with other smart home systems.

Aura is powered by a custom chipset from Cognitive Systems that monitors and analyzes wireless signal patterns that occur when movement takes place within a home, and alerts the user if unauthorized motion is detected. Aura is more accurate than other motion detectors since the system is not dependent on light and it understands the difference between human and non-human movement (e.g. a fan, shadows, drapes blowing, etc.). Aura will be launching with IFTTT integration so that it can connect with other smart home systems as desired.

Aura is set-up and managed via a free app available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. The app allows homeowners to see three different views of motion: Live, 12 Hour and Weekly. Consumers can also use the app to see who is currently at home, a timeline of household activity, arm or disarm the system and more.

Starting January 5th, 2017, Aura is available for pre-order at with MRSP of $499. However, for CES fans, Aura will be available at a special pre-order price of $399 for a limited time. Orders will ship by February 28, 2017.

In the Box:
• 1 Hub
• 1 Sensor
• 1 Power adaptor
• 1 USB cable
• Colour: White
• Smartphone requirements: iOS 9.0 and higher, Android 4.0 and above.
• Connection to wireless network required.

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