CMOS Image Sensor Invades AI & IoT Apps

SmartSens’ SC4238 is the company’s latest 4-Mpixel, 1/3-inch CMOS image sensor. It combines backside-illuminated (BSI) pixel process technology and an excellent cost/performance ratio, making the device viable for the home IoT monitoring and mainstream consumer camera and professional camera markets.


According to the company, AI + IoT is not only an inevitable trend of IoT, but also provides excellent intelligent upgrades to traditional industries. For example, analysts predict that the global smart home market will reach over 74 billion USD in 2021. With the rapid development of AIoT, the needs for human-computer interaction are slated to increase. High-quality CMOS image sensor products play an essential part in supporting and enhancing the performance of AIoT. With its extensive experience in security and surveillance monitoring, SmartSens has developed the SC4238 image sensor with professional-grade security product standards.

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The performance of SC4238 will enable the AIoT ecosystem and its various applications. Its 4-Mpixel resolution is the mainstream product configuration for current home IoT monitoring as well as the consumer camera and professional camera markets.


The SC4238 uses BSI pixel technology to achieve a 2.0 μm pixel structure and the mainstream 1/3-inch optical size, with sensitivity of up to 2800mV/Lux*s and maximum signal-to-noise ratio of 39 dB. SC4238 is highly adaptable and can be used in many fixed focal length lenses, as well as zoom lenses and wide field lenses.



The device provides 2-Exp HDR at 60 fps output support, delivering great imaging quality in low illumination and highly complex environments. It supports a high dynamic range, with a wide dynamic range up to 100 dB in HDR mode and features near-infrared (NIR) enhancement, which can effectively improve the quantum efficiency of the 850 nm to 940 nm band.


Compared with other 1/3-inch 4-Mpixel HDR products, the SC4238 specifies a SNR or 0.47 vs. 1.22, which is about 2.6 times better performance. For greater knowledge, download the SC4238 datasheet.

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