CMOS Image Sensor Gives Robot 3D Vision

For its robot’s 3D visual system, temi chooses Newsight's NSI3000 CMOS image sensor. The chip is embedded in the robot’s LiDAR system, which controls the essential functioning of the personal robot’s navigation.


Hoping to become an addition to every home, the temi robot features a 10.1-in. touchscreen atop a 3.2-foot-tall minimalist frame, Navigating the home without collision, it provides a host of useful, connected capabilities on demand.

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The temi is an open platform for apps that interact with people, including interactive games, educational apps, medical apps, etc. Furthermore, when away from home, a smartphone connection to temi facilitates the owner’s continued physical presence in the home: to talk to family members, or to check that all is well. For more knowledge, visit temi Company and Newsight Imaging.


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