CMOS Image Sensor Enhances Color In Night-Vision Apps

SmartSens Technology introduces a starlight class 1080P CMOS imaging sensor SC2310, another device based on the SmartClarity technology after the introduction of the SC5235.


The SC2310 has an optical format of 1/2.7" and an effective array size of 1932Hx1092V. Having benefitted from the advantages of the 3.0 um BSI technology, SC2310 can reach a sensitivity of 4800 mV/Lux·s, with a maximum SNR of 43 dB, and a dynamic range greater than 100 dB.

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Also, the SC2310 includes near infrared (NIR) sensitivity enhancement, allowing the quantum efficiency (QE) of the wavelength at 850 nm to 940 nm to almost double. NIR sensitivity improvement can make an IR illuminated scene brighter and clearer; in addition, from a system point of view, fewer LEDs can be used, lowering power consumption and costs.


When operating in 1080P, SC2310 can operate up to 60 fps. Finally, this sensor can accommodate both MIPI and DVP outputs. For more details, visit SmartSens Technology.

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