CMOS Cameras Break Speed & Resolution Limits

Teledyne DALSA’s Genie Nano-CXP series, a CoaXPress line of CMOS area scan cameras, set performance bars higher and feature the latest On-Semiconductor and E2V sensors. The CMOS sensors range from 16 to 67 megapixel resolution with added CoaXPress 6.25 Gbps technology. Complemented by the half-length Xtium-CXP frame grabber, they have been designed to work synergistically, minimizing CPU usage and improving processing times for host applications by enabling maximum sustained throughput and ready-to-use image data.

Offering 25 million pixels at 80 fps in a small form factor, the Genie Nano-CXP suit applications such as semiconductor wafer inspection, electronics manufacturing, solar panel inspection, and machine vision. Features include models offered in both monochrome and NIR enhanced versions, considered to be the industry’s smallest 25M CXP cameras, trigger-to-image reliability (T2IR) framework improves reliability and protects against data los, GenICam/GenCP compliant, and a robust all-metal body with a three-year warranty. To further expand you knowledge, examine the Genie Nano-CXP series datasheet.

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