Cloud-Based Automated Load Management and EPSS For Hand-Held Devices

Dallas, TX – Murata Energy Solutions Americas, Inc., a subsidiary of Murata Electronics North America, Inc., announces the release of PowerConnectSM Mobile. PowerConnect is a cloud-based SaaS that provides streamlined, highly reliable automated performance of demand response actions, as well as the automated monitoring and testing of emergency power supply systems (EPSS) across multiple locations. As such, this mobile platform provides users with an interface specifically designed for the smaller screens found on tablets and smartphones. Users are provided with an at-a-glance status of their buildings’ equipment and control/status points. They can use their smartphone to start and stop curtailments, exclude specific equipment from curtailments and tests, and monitor and run generator (genset) tests, including automatic transfer switches.

PowerConnect Mobile maximizes ease-of-use on smartphones and tablets while delivering the same monitoring and control of the wide screen monitors of operations centers. Commercial buildings are often extremely complex with large numbers of electrical systems, HVACs, chillers, air handlers, gensets, and ATS devices. While these are easily displayed on the wide screen monitors found in operations centers, they can be hard to navigate on small screens. PowerConnect Mobile delivers the same information and control capabilities in an easily digestible format for quick monitoring and easy control during required monthly EPSS tests. Further, it is included with all PowerConnect subscriptions.

Interested parties can schedule a demo by using the contact form at

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