Cloakware Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation

SANTA CLARA, CA – Irdeto received the 2016 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. Drawing upon nearly 50 years of experience in developing anti-hacking solutions, Cloakware for Automotive by Irdeto is a highly reliable digital security platform for connected car security. It is built on the company's core software security technologies, which also protect the application data on the system during storage and while in use. The solution is a multi-layered, multi-faceted product that resolves issues relating to obfuscation, integrity verification, anti-debug, whitebox cryptography, diversification and renewability.

In addition to robust crypto products, such as public key infrastructure (PKI), firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS), connected cars require another layer of security. Irdeto believes in deep-level software security and security lifecycle management, which turns an OS into a secure operating environment through the use of anti-hacking technology. These features help the solution notify the original equipment manufacturer of the type of tampering that is being attempted in a specific vehicle, making it a unique and highly useful tool.

Irdeto has solid plans to build an ecosystem of unparalleled solutions that will help create a compelling software-defined car. For example, Irdeto recently announced that Link Motion has implemented Cloakware for Automotive into Link Motion's connected carputer, Motion T. The Cloakware for Automotive solution helps Motion T block hackers and cybercriminals from altering the carputer, preventing cyberattacks targeting connected cars.

Irdeto's approach includes using the Cloakware for Automotive solution to protect autonomous and connected cars. Irdeto provides flexible business model options for various tiers of customers, wherein OEMs can pay for a complete solution up front, development of a solution and then a recurring fee over the life cycle of the solution or just a recurring fee.

In addition, Irdeto's global network of partners covers law enforcement and industry bodies and agencies, as well as consumer and technology sectors. Its partnerships in the automotive space, including its collaboration with Tata Elxsi to provide automakers with secure in-car display systems for automobiles, provide automakers with the ability to create secure vehicles.

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