Clear Label Sensor Is Fast And Accurate

Clear Label Sensor Is Fast And Accurate
Lion Precision

Said to be a game changer, the LRD6300 capacitive label sensor is reportedly the fastest, most accurate method of clear (or non-clear) label registration detection while featuring an easy one-button setup and a lower price. The sensor includes EasyCheck Verification, a simple system of bright LEDs that clearly indicate if the sensor is operating correctly. While the LRD6300 has one-button AutoGap setup, the setup remains adjustable with simple up and down adjustment buttons. The EasyCheck Verification makes it easy for anyone to examine the sensor setup as it is running labels. If operators don’t like what they see, they can make manual adjustments and instantly see the result. Also available is an ultrasonic clear label sensor. The LRD6300 includes NPN and PNP outputs, light/dark switching selection, and is available with an integral cable (LRD6300) or 4-pin M12 connector (LRD6300C). It is a direct bolt-in replacement for the LRD6110 and LRD2100. For more info, go to

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