Clamp Multimeters from Fieldpiece Instruments

Clamp Multimeters from Fieldpiece Instruments
Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.

Fieldpiece Instruments Inc., Brea, CA, offers the SC50 Series of dual-display clamp multimeters designed for HVAC/R field-service technicians. The SC53 measures capacitance and temperature and includes a Type K thermocouple probe. The SC52 measures microamps DC and has a diode test. Both meters measure volts and amps, noncontact voltage down to 24 V for thermostats, continuity, and ohms. Amp clamp and meter displays feature independent on/off, auto-off, and hold functions.

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Company: Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.
Phone number: 714-257-9060
Fax: 714-257-9069

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