Clamp Meters Pinpoint Intermittent Faults

Clamp Meters Pinpoint Intermittent Faults
Fluke Corp.

The Connect-enabled 370 FC Series Clamp Meters log measurements to pinpoint intermittent faults precisely without the need for the technician to be present. Measurements are wirelessly transmitted to the company’s Connect app and automatically uploaded to the cloud. The CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V safety-rated clamp meters offer proprietary in-rush measurement technology to filter out noise and capture motor-starting current exactly as the circuit protection sees it. Other features include, a variable frequency drive low pass filter (on 76 FC and 375 FC models, true-rms voltage and current, a 500-mVdc measurement range, and an expanded measurement range to 2,500A with the iFlex flexible current probes. For more information, visit

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