Clamp Meter Remains True To The RMS

Conrad Electronic’s Voltcraft VC-330 AC/DC True-RMS clamp meter features state-of-the-art ergonomic technology and is suitable for all professional applications up to 600V. The CATIII-rated clamp meter enables non-contact current readings and makes the separation of circuits completely unnecessary, as well as delivering additional multimeter functions. These functions include standard measurements for ac and dc voltage, dc current and resistance, plus diode and acoustic continuity testing. Other features include a low-battery indicator and a test capability for 1.5V and 9V batteries.


The unit’s True-RMS measurement capability enables the reading of asymmetrical voltage and current waveforms other than a classic sinewave. These types of asymmetric voltage waveforms are very common in various types of dimmers, speed limiters, synchronized switches, pulse-type chargers, or scale-model speed controllers. In these kinds of applications, conventional meters that display average readings can be prone to large measurement errors. In addition, the VC-330 is calibrated according to Voltcraft’s Quality Assurance standards, which ensures highly accurate readings and compliance with the specified tolerance limits.


The shock-proof device features a composite enclosure that includes a protective rubber layer, which provides a high level of grip for the user. The VC-330 is supplied with a 9V battery, test leads, and user manual.


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