Cisco Broadens Network Admission Control's Power and Scope

SAN JOSE, CA /Marketwire/ -- Cisco announced a new chapter in the evolution of Network Admission Control (NAC) that broadens its scope and power for businesses around the world, headlined by its incorporation into the company's widely adopted Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR).

The Cisco NAC Network Module for ISRs introduces a sophisticated modular security solution that is completely integrated into the network infrastructure. It protects businesses by authenticating, authorizing, evaluating, and remediating remote user machines connected via wired or wireless links, prior to granting them access to corporate networks. Designed for branch offices, the NAC Network Module for the ISRs resolves potential threats and vulnerabilities locally before they are transferred over the wide-area network, helping to prevent them from affecting the broader corporate network. With this latest addition, Cisco helps the information technology (IT) department meet security-compliance requirements and reduces network complexity, IT staff training time, and maintenance costs.

In addition to the ISR network module, Cisco is also enriching its NAC solution with Cisco NAC Profiler, an endpoint-recognition technology that maintains a detailed inventory of networked devices so they can be evaluated before and during their connection to corporate networks. In particular, the Cisco NAC Profiler enhances the ability of networked devices unassociated with a particular user (e.g. printers, IP phones, wireless access points, HVAC sensors, and medical devices) to be identified, authenticated, and then given or denied network access. It also provides continuous behavioral assessment for post-admission access control.

"Cisco's NAC-ISR module is a unique offering that really only Cisco can provide," said Ladi Adefala, Security Practice Manager for World Wide Technology. "Its addition of endpoint profiler sweetens the pot. For example, aside from streamlining our management, the NAC-ISR module allows us to concentrate our security efforts within the network itself. It gives us an opportunity to offer our customers more synergy between their network and security as well. The Cisco NAC Profiler allows us to offer an additional unique offering that strengthens Cisco's overall NAC package for businesses. Because of this, we're really embracing Cisco's NAC evolution."

Cisco NAC Network Module for Integrated Services Routers: Sensible Synergy
The NAC network module, which offers all of the features of the Cisco NAC Appliance Server, is supported in the Cisco 2800 and 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers. The module enforces security policies on all networked devices, whether they are owned by the corporation, employees, contractors, or guests, and whether they connect via wired, wireless, or remote connectivity. These devices can include Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, laptops, desktops, personal digital assistants, printers, IP phones, and more.

The synergy between the NAC module and other Cisco security technologies, such as firewalling, intrusion prevention, and virtual private networking, enriches the security capabilities of Cisco ISRs. Together they deliver a highly secure infrastructure for branches of all sizes.

"Integrating NAC into the routing simplifies operation complexity for our customers and offers a unique solution that traditional security players aren't equipped to provide," said Mick Scully, Vice President of Product Management for Cisco's Security Technology Group. "As businesses support more devices, the Cisco NAC Profiler strengthens IT's ability to protect users and devices without adding another server. Cisco is broadening and deepening the capability that IT has to protect its business, employees, and information."

Cisco NAC Profiler: Visibility, Intelligence, & Automation to Make the Right Admission Decisions
The Cisco NAC Profiler arrives at a time when businesses are supporting growing numbers of devices critical to operations and productivity. NAC Profiler directly addresses the growing complexity of protecting an increasingly diverse array of networked devices by taking an in-depth and automated inventory and enabling actions to be taken based on their behavior. Because of this, Cisco NAC Profiler greatly simplifies deployments and reduces adoption and operation costs.

"We use the Cisco Endpoint Profiler because the pre- and post-admission visibility and understanding it provides is pivotal in enabling us to effectively manage network access for employees, visitors, and the myriad devices we see in our healthcare environment," said Eric Johnson, IT Project Manager at Baylor College of Medicine.

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