Circuit Protection Optimized For LED Lighting Systems

Circuit Protection Optimized For LED Lighting Systems
Littelfuse Inc.
The LSP05 and LSP10 modules provide transient overvoltage protection for outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures. Constructed with thermally protected metal oxide varistors (TMOVs), the LSP05 (parallel) and LSP10 (series or parallel) Surge Protection Device (SPD) Modules provide a built-in thermal disconnect function provides additional protection from catastrophic failures and fire hazards. The series-connected LSP10 is the allegedly the first indicating surge arrestor that can handle 20,000A surges. The NANO2 Subminiature 470 and 476 Fuses provide surge tolerance and protection against overload conditions for downstream components. The 470 Series is the smallest 125VAC-rated SMT fuse available in the company’s portfolio. The 476 Series 250-Vac fuses are the smallest SMT fuse with such a high voltage rating. Both fuses are designed for primary side circuit protection in compact applications with high AC voltage requirements. Littelfuse Inc. Chicago, IL 60631 773-628-1000

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