Chlorine Electrode Sensor from ASI

Chlorine Electrode Sensor from ASI
Analytical Sensors and Instruments (ASI) Ltd.

Analytical Sensors and Instruments (ASI) Ltd., Sugar Land, TX, offers a free-chlorine sensor for end users and OEMS. The sensor has a removable and replaceable membrane cap to extend the sensor's life and for easy maintenance, a measuring range from 0.1–10 ppm, a temperature sensor for auto-temperature correction, and an onboard circuit to allow the sensor to connect to any analytical mV meter. The sensor can also be converted to measure total-chlorine by switching the membrane and electrolyte. The device can be used to monitor chlorine in swimming pool water and for water and wastewater applications.

Contact Info

Company: Analytical Sensors and Instruments (ASI) Ltd.
Phone number: 281-565-8818

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