Chinese Alliance First To Support AI Tech

Viewed as the largest e-commerce platform serving the electronics manufacturing industry in China, Cogobuy Group launches the AI Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, a.k.a., the Alliance. It is the first alliance founded to support artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and to build upon a guideline for the development of AI ("The Guideline") issued by The State Council on July 20. Directed by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, the Alliance was initiated on July 23, 2017 in Beijing, under joint advocacy from Cogobuy, other tech companies, educational Institutions, and AI startups.


According to the Guideline, AI development is now a part of the national strategy. Anticipating an opportunity, Cogobuy launched the Kepler System ("K-System") to provide an open platform for the democratization of AI technologies. The K-System has achieved breakthroughs in Smart Home technologies and is expected to become a market leader, benefiting from the expected trillion-RMB cross-industry output created by AI in the future.

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As Joint Secretary-General of the Alliance, Dr. Shipeng Li, Chief Technology Officer of Cogobuy and IngDan, and a renowned AI expert, has outlined three areas for his future plan, namely establishing a talent hub, consolidating channels for international knowledge exchange, and founding an AI research institution and innovation platform. The Alliance will play an important role in promoting AI applications across various industries, in turn supporting greater development and commercialization of AI technologies. Apart from Cogobuy, the Alliance is jointly advocated by well-known tech giants like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei; it is also backed by renowned institutions such as Peking University and Tsinghua University.


As with the State of Council's announcement of the Guideline, boosting AI development is part of the national strategy to stimulate various markets. Cogobuy's K-System, launched early this month, demonstrates the Company's leadership in AI. Powered by the latest Microsoft AI services and Allwinner's AI chipset, the K-System is capable of providing end-to-end, easily-customizable AI solutions to unleash industry potential. Recently, the K-System established a Smart Home ecosystem which is eligible to provide support in hardware, software and cloud computing. The K-System aims at strengthening its presence in the medical, smart car, and national security sectors, to align with the Guideline's highlighted industries.


For more details, visit the Cogobuy Group and INGDAN websites

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