China Enlists Numerical Algorithms Group

SHANGHAI, China -- Shanghai University (part of the consortium to extend the Chinese aerospace industry) announces a strategic partnership with the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG). The collaboration will utilize a high performance computing platform for key Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research which is essential in order to achieve the civilian aircraft industry targets established in the Chinese government's "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006–2020)".

The agreement signed by NAG and Shanghai University involves the cooperative development of CFD software to be used by the industry. NAG will provide development tools, and computational science and engineering technical support and consultations.

"We need a strong, accurate numerical computation engine to lay the basis for the aerospace R & D platform." Prof. Zhang Wu, the Dean of the Computer Science School and Director of the High Performance Computing Center of Shanghai University said. "NAG's knowledgebase in numerical computation and numerical analysis built over more than four decades, and their leadership in many of the world's leading High Performance Computing centers makes them a valuable partner for the CFD research required. Also, the NAG organization includes many computational scientists originally trained in China and it is this type of international diversity and cooperation that will facilitate the fast progress needed for this and other industrial development projects in China."

"We are honored to work together with Shanghai University to open this new era," said Dr. Ren Yuhe of NAG. "In recent years, NAG's high performance computing services have grown rapidly and are ideally placed to be of significant benefit to China's CFD research and the other numerical fields surrounding aircraft design that this effort requires."

Shanghai University, a major university in China's 21st century "211 Project", is working with the support of the China Commercial Aircraft Company in Shanghai and the Aircraft Design and Research Institute. Together, these three organizations are charged with developing CFD software required for civilian aircraft development, an objective of China's "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006–2020).

About NAG
With origins in several UK universities, the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) has its headquarters in Oxford, and is a not-for-profit organization that collaborates with world-leading researchers and practitioners in academia and industry. NAG serves its customers from offices in Oxford, Manchester, Chicago, Tokyo and Taipei, through field sales staff in France and Germany, as well as via a global network of distributors. NAG provides high-quality computational software and high performance computing services to tens of thousands of users, from Global 500 companies, major learning academies, the world's leading supercomputing sites, numerous independent software vendors and many others.

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