Chemical Resistance Conductive Medical Electrode Ink/Coating

Creative Materials, Inc., has introduced a new medical-grade silver-silver chloride (Ag-AgCl) ink and coating for sensors, ECG, EEG, TENS and defibrillator electrodes. This new product, 113-09(S) is chemical-resistant and is specifically designed to have excellent aging characteristics when used with high salt content hydrogels. This product also has excellent adhesion to polyimide and polyester films as well as other high-energy substrates. Other properties include excellent flexibility and crease resistance.

113-09(S) is a one-component ink and can be applied by screen printing, dipping or syringe dispensing. It can be customized for application by most commercial coating and printing processes. 113-09(S) is also fast curing at temperatures at or above 110°C.

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