Chart Recorder Has A Bead On Telemetry and Energy Apps

AstroNova’s Everest EV-5000 chart recorder claims to set a new standard for mission-critical applications where remote data is acquired, measured, printed and stored for back up.

Groomed as a direct replacement for the company’s existing Everest telemetry recorders, the EV-5000 offers greater accuracy, faster data acquisition rates, increased storage capacity, and the ability to print paper charts. Features include:

  • Faster Data Acquisition, with 8 single-ended isolated or 16 differential analog inputs that can be sampled at up to 200 kHz per channel, with high channel-to-channel isolation and channel-to-ground isolation.
  • Easy-to-Read, Waveform Data displayed in real-time using waterfall charts on a high-resolution 19-inch touch-screen display. The customizable user interface allows color-coding for easy signal identification and color change for signals that exceed thresholds.
  • Custom Filters and Increased Signal Quality with user-programmable digital signal processing. The touch-screen enables users to instantly mark and annotate data points of interest to review later.
  • Additional Layer of Security with Windows® 10 and a removable, 500GB hard drive that is easily accessible from the front of the unit. Hard drives are easily exchanged for recording of classified and non-classified data.
  • Patented, Thermal Array Printing Process that provides a detailed permanent record of tests and prints as fast as 200 millimeters per second.


The EV-5000 is scheduled to begin shipping this month. For additional information, contact AstroNova Test & Measurement at 800-343-4039.

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