CCD Laser Micrometer from Keyence

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Keyence Corp. of America

The IG Series laser micrometer from Keyence Corp. of America, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, can be used for edge guiding of opaque, transparent or translucent materials; position control; outer diameter measurement; and gap control. The device uses a high-precision L-CCD to determine the edge positions of any target placed within the sensor's beam and its error extraction algorithms and I-DSP let it operate stably in environments in which conventional devices would fail. Features include built-in, application-specific operating modes; a small footprint; and easy optical-axis alignment with its visible beam and LED bar monitor position display built into the sensor head.

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Company: Keyence Corp. of America
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-539-3623
Fax: 201-930-1883

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