CCD Image Sensor Inspects Smartphone Displays

ON Semiconductor’s KAI-50140 50-Mixel, charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensor is touted as the highest resolution Interline Transfer CCD image sensor commercially available. The sensor provides the critical imaging detail and high image uniformity needed for inspection of smartphone displays, circuit board and mechanical assembly inspection, and aerial surveillance.


The KAI-50140 is designed in a 2.18 to 1 aspect ratio to match the format of modern smartphones, reducing the number of image captures required to inspect a full display. The 4.5 µm Interline Transfer CCD pixel used in the KAI-50140 provides high resolution with a true electronic (global) shutter while preserving critical imaging performance. The new device supports frame rates up to 4 fps using flexible 1, 2, or 4 output readout architecture, and shares the same pin definitions as both the popular 29 MP KAI-29050 and KAI-29052 as well as the KAI-43140 image sensors. Reportedly, this allows the KAI-50140 to be incorporated into existing camera designs with only minor electrical changes.

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The KAI-50140 is sampling today with production planned by the end of 2018 and is available in a ceramic PGA package in both monochrome and Bayer Color configurations. Feel free to ogle the KAI-50140 datasheet.

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