Cathodic Protection Monitoring Solution Helps Ensure Integrity of Gas Pipelines

RALEIGH, NC --- Corrosion is the enemy of gas pipelines. It can cause cracks, then leaks and potentially explosions. That’s why natural gas companies place cathodic protection devices along the pipeline to help monitor the integrity of the system. In the past, utilities had to physically visit each test point and rectifier site to manually collect voltage and current data.

With the SentryPoint™ Cathodic Protection Monitoring solution, gas utilities can remotely collect that data from battery- and mains-powered sensors and transmit it over the Sensus FlexNet® communication network. Cathodic Protection systems operate by providing a direct current onto the buried pipeline. As long as the current is sufficient, corrosion is held in check.

By eliminating the need for employees to travel to remote test point and rectifier locations, the SentryPoint Cathodic Protection solution improves safety. Here’s how:
• Avoids potential for employee exposure to electrical shock
• Delivers alarm notifications within one hour of occurrence
• Monitors corrosion around the clock which allows technicians to mitigate pipeline issues that might occur between readings
• Meets regulatory requirements outlined by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
• Takes utility trucks off the road

SentryPoint leverages the FlexNet communication network to ensure utilities can quickly send and receive data, even from remote sensors. The point-to-multi-point network ensures that mission-critical data arrives quickly and the separate alarm channel ensures the fast delivery of alarm-based information.

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