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Corrosion is the leading cause of production and process equipment failure. Not only are equipment downtime and component replacement expensive, but also in many cases product leakage constitutes an environmental threat.

Automate a fuel storage tank corrosion monitoring scheme
Automate a fuel storage tank corrosion monitoring scheme

Motiva Enterprises LLC refines and markets aviation and automotive fuel. When it came time to upgrade parts of its Port Everglades, FL, facility, the company opted for a system consisting of corrosion probes and an automated data reporting scheme. Corosometer electrical resistance probes from Rohrback Cosasco Systems were placed inside the hollow bottoms of the 15 tanks used for fuel storage. The probe elements are sacrificial; they corrode at the same rate as the tanks and as they do, their resistance increases accordingly. A transmitter adjacent to each tank outputs a standard 4–20 mA analog signal to the CordPager remote monitoring unit, which transmits the data via satellite once a week to a Web site. If required, the system could report on a daily basis. Motiva can access and download the data from any remote location.

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