Carbon-Graphite Bearings Bask In High-Temperature Boilers

Carbon-Graphite Bearings Bask In High-Temperature Boilers
Metallized Carbon Corp.

Avoiding problems experienced with oil/grease lubricated or plastic bearings in high-temperature boiler applications, the company’s oil-free, self-lubricating carbon-graphite bearings are designed for louver dampers in boiler applications, such as those in coal- or refuse-fired power plants. The carbon-graphite bearings rely on graphite for their self-lubricating properties and are not subject to the shortcomings associated with petroleum-based lubricants at elevated temperatures. They are dimensionally stable, not subject to deformation, and can be relied upon to provide low friction damper blade movement even after being stationary for many months. Standard pillow blocks and flange blocks with bearing inserts are available with cast iron, stamped steel, or stamped stainless steel housings. Standard flange block bearings are available in English and metric sizes for shafts up to 5” (127 mm) in diameter and standard pillow blocks will accommodate shafts to 3” (75 mm) in diameter.

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