Carbon Dioxide Sensor/Transmitter from ENMET

Carbon Dioxide Sensor/Transmitter from ENMET

The EX-5165 sensor/transmitter from ENMET Corp., Ann Arbor, MI, is available with carbon dioxide measurement ranges from 0–500 ppm to 0–100% by volume. The NDIR sensor can continuously monitor high concentrations of CO2 and can operate in an anaerobic environment. It features an LCD of the gas concentration; 3 LED alarm point indicators; approval for operation in Class I, Div. 1, Groups B, C, and D; 4–20 mA output; and nonintrusive calibration. The sensor comprises dual pyroelectric detectors, one active and one reference unit, with individual optical filters for specific radiation bands. Features include a temperature monitor and a durable tungsten filament as the IR light source.

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Company: ENMET Corp.
Phone number: 734-761-1270
Fax: 734-761-3220

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