Capillary Thermometers Are Rugged, Yet Versatile


The KOBOLD TNF capillary thermometers are versatile and rugged gas-filled thermometers for industrial applications. The capillary design allows for mounting of the indicator remote from the sensing probe. The TNF is available as a simple temperature indicating device or as a controller with up to four adjustable setpoints. The thermometer operates on the nitrogen gas principle. The sensing bulb is filled with inert nitrogen gas. Any temperature change at the bulb will result in a change in nitrogen pressure. This pressure is sensed in the indicating mechanism and displayed as a change in temperature.


Capillaries are available in stainless steel and stainless steel with flexible stainless-steel armor sheath. A variety of indicator housings are available with wall mounting brackets or panel mount flanges. The TNF is available with glycerin filling for applications in which vibration is present. The TNF is also available with dial sizes ranging from 2.5 to 10 inches. A variety of fittings are available to suit almost any application. For more details and specifications, take some initiative and review the datasheet.


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