Capacitive Sensor ICs Thwart Noise

Capacitive Sensor ICs Thwart Noise
Texas Instruments Inc.

The FDC2214 capacitive sensing integrated circuit (IC) family is said to be immune to environmental noise from sources such as radios, power supplies, lights and motors. Reportedly, the family offers 60x better performance in the presence of noise than existing capacitive-sensing solutions, enabling low-cost capacitive-based human body and object sensing in any environment. A unique narrow-band architecture eliminates unwanted noise and common environmental interferences. The ICs also enable capacitive sensing for automatic doors or gates that avoid collisions by sensing nearby objects or humans. In addition, designers can use the FDC2214 ICs to detect the wave of a hand to activate a soap dispenser, change a car radio station, and more. Each device in the FDC2214 family measures 4 mm x 4 mm and is configured via its I2C interface. For more details and specs, go to  

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